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 MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)

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PostSubject: MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)   Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:12 am


Squad members listen to your squad leaders

squad leaders listen to your Platoon leaders

Platoon leaders listen to the OIC (Officer in Charge)

1) Even when you think they have not chosen the best course of action.

2) Even if you think you are smarter.

3) If you don't like taking orders then apply for leadership.

4) It makes the game more fun and realistic.

5) If you disagree with the platoon leader begin the order and then advise the platoon leader against that course of action.

6) If he/she disagrees and remains on task then follow his/her orders anyways.

7) remember a united platoon is ALWAYS better than a divided one

To Issue Frago commands:

1) Hit select to goto your Tactical map.

2) As you look around your tactical map you will see blue dots (those are people in your PMC) blue triangles (those are the people in your squad) red dots (enemy troops) red vehicles (enemy vehicles) and red squares with different icons in them (these are things like enemy bunkers, AA guns etc...) these are what you want to set the objective on.

PMC = Valor, Raven, S.V.E.R

3) in order to actually set an objective you choose a vehicle or an enemy structure. then move your cursor over what ever you decide on, and hit X.

4) you have now set an objective and will get Frago points for kills and other objective related things.

To use special abilities:

1) pull up your tactical map (hit select)

2) hit R1, this will bring up your specials. pick the ability you want (mortar or guided missile). choose a target just like you do to set an objective. then hit X on your target. (REMEMBER you can kill your own team with specials, so be careful and make sure you weigh the gains with the risk before you launch a mortar in a heavy fighting area.)

3) there are no specials in sabotage.

How to communicate with your platoon leader:

1) to communicate with your platoon leader (hit up on the D-pad and hold it)

2) choose the platoon channel.

3) talk (if you die, sometimes you have to reset the channel.)

4) your squad can not hear you when you are in platoon channel.

5) other squad leaders can hear you as well on this channel.

What happens when you do this:


Bunker: if you kill a bunker then you just destroyed an enemy forward spawn.

Mortar: you just killed the other squad leaders ability to call in a mortar strike

AA GUN: you just enabled your forward air spawn (paratroopers and halo insertion).

Motor Pool: you have disabled re-spawn for the defenders vehicles.

Sensor array: I think you disabled a platoon leaders sensor sweep. (not 100% on this one)

Gate: you took out the front door.

Road Block: pretty obvious.


Repair: you can tell your squad to repair any destroyed building (gates and roadblocks included).

Defend: you can tell your squad to defend anywhere.

Destroy that vehicle: you take out the attackers forward spawn on the ground.

OIC Specific Tips

Communication is KEY! If you do not have a headset or are afraid to get on the mic and communicate do no apply for the position. As a OIC you run an entire 128 man army. Let us know what you see and what you want the platoon leaders to be doing. At all times you MUST communicate with this role.

Use your Command Abilities! Also let people know when you use an ability. For example, when you recharge the air strikes let the leaders know that they are recharged.

Address who you are speaking too! Do not sit there all match and say "The APC's are moving up, take them out". Hello, there are 4 platoons with APC's. Unless your unit can all read minds how do you expect them to know who you are talking to? Also do not just talk to your assigned platoon the entire game. If you want to do that there is a position called "Platoon Leader".

The Tactical Map (Tac map) is your friend! As a OIC you need to keep your eyes open for weak spots on your teams defense or the enemy's offense. You should be the first to know if key points go down and instruct your team to get them repaired asap. Your eyes should be on this map more than they should be on the battlefield.

Strategy! Get in the company chat channels and talk with the other Platoon Leaders. Find out why they are being pushed back and find a way to fix it. Your the OIC, you call the shots, you are to blame for a loss, no one else. Let everyone know the game plan and execute it.

Moral! So your team is pushed all the way back to the control points. Now is not the time for you to get on the mic and start dropping F bombs at everyone. Your troops will fight hard for a leader they can believe in. Just like in real life, we need encouragement to bring the best out in us.

* Note - The OIC specific tips can and should be applied to the Platoon and Squad leaders positions. (just at a smaller scale)

* note - Its OK to ask questions, just because you are the leader does not mean you automatically know everything and are the man. Its OK to say what do you guys think? Their may be someone on the team who is a better leader or just has a good idea.

* note - LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION to what is going on around you!

* note - to be a good leader you have to be able to follow first, spend plenty of time on the battle field. Just because you made it to a rank where you can lead does not mean that YOU can lead. Make sure your ready...Others depend on it ;-)
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PostSubject: Re: MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)   Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:01 pm

I do usually listen to my OIC and platoon leader, unless his name is warmachine. In which case I laugh in his face over his complete lack of real stratagy and tactics.

As a platoon leader it is not always best to have all of your platoons prusue the objective. I had a platoon leader comment that we did nothing for the win because we hadn't stolen the vehicales. I pointed out that I had destroyed two bunkers, three roadblocks, and the sensor relay with my the only member of my squad that was actually listening to orders. And that if that platoon had destroyed all of the bunders then the we probaly wouldn't have won because then we would have been fighting two entrenched platoons. It is sometimes more viable in acquisition to only get one or two squads to vehicalse so that way the other platoons are tied up at the bunkers and not guarding the vehicales. i just wish we had more platoon leaders that thought about the big picture and not their personal stats.
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S69 Officer

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PostSubject: Re: MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)   Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:40 pm

Yes unfortunately until we can get a big group of us together we will have to sometimes take orders from those who are incompetent (this actually happens in the real military).

At least if we can get a good squad or even platoon together we will be able to dominate our area of operations (AO).

About all we can do...
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PostSubject: Re: MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)   

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MAG Leadership Tips (A must read before taking command)
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