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 Hints & Tips

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PostSubject: Hints & Tips   Fri Aug 07, 2009 3:45 pm


1) Don't hug walls around corners! Swing wide so a corner camper will have to re-aim to hit you.

2) Call enemy positions, especially if you’re flanking. If you die and your team doesn't know it they are now getting flanked.

3) Throw out smoke as cover.

4) Throw smoke as fake cover and than flank your smoke to take out enemies who are focusing on shooting the imaginary person in the smoke.

5) Use smoke to mark enemy positions for team.

6) Flash bangs in this game are really effective. Use them when making entry especially if there are Hostages in the room.

7) Select your next covered position before moving.

Cool Conceal your movement with smoke and covering fires and by using buildings, rubble, and vegetation to your advantage.

9) Move rapidly from one position to another.

10) Expect the unexpected and be alert

11) Do not silhouette yourself; keep low at all times.

12) Do not obstruct your covering fires (people shooting to cover you).

Control Settings:

1. Dead zone – Dead Zone is how far you have to move the analog stick before your crosshairs start moving. If you have it high it is hard to fine tune your aim. (Suggestion-low)

Acceleration - Acceleration is how quickly the movement of the crosshairs speeds up. (Suggestion-high)

Look speed – Look Speed is how fast the crosshairs move. (Suggestion- high)

(If you can't turn around fast enough turn look speed and acceleration up.)

If you are using the Seal preset both are high but to get your stick very reactive you will have to find what works best for you.

Sound Suggestions:

Tired of having dudes walk up behind you knifing you?

Go to audio Options and turn Ambience all the way down! You will here nothing but gunfire, explosions, FOOTSTEPS, and Grenades hitting the ground.


Slicing the pie, or "pie-ing," is a method of looking around corners and obstacles while presenting the smallest possible target. It is a dynamic movement technique designed to minimize exposure around cover and maximize the tactical advantage for the player.

Utilize this tactic when entering a room or any area requiring entry. Try pie-ing both directions if you have the ability.

Special little things:

Don't like the server games out of order? Press up+X and the game rooms will organize its self.

Need to reply to a in-game message but don't feel like back spacing the whole message? Press L1+square and the message will completely delete.
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Hints & Tips
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