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 Status of the Clan

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PostSubject: Status of the Clan   Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:40 am

As some of you know quite a few people have left the clan (I actually kicked them out but they wanted out), I find it kinda sad to see them go but shit happens I guess, but then again I think alot of those people were holding the clan back from excelling. For example, when I told everyone to sign up for this website less than half of the clan actually signed up (alot of the people that just left the clan never signed up for this site), and without everyone signed up for the site it's nearly impossible to get the teams together like I had planned. As of now though, I see a much brighter future for this clan with the ones that were holding us back gone and with 1.5 coming this tuesday!

On another note, recruiting is now open again. Here are the current recruiting guidelines:

1. Must know basic tactics and know the maps

2. Must be mature

3. Must not be a dick

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Status of the Clan
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