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 Fun games modes/Practice modes.

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PostSubject: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:13 pm

I got all of these from the Bradygames Strategy guide.

Learn them; we will be utilizing these in our practices. For now on practice will consist of playing 1 to 2 of these followed by moving/communication practice which will involve no shooting. Then we will hop in a ranked room for those who still want to play. I will send a message out on Friday stating which modes we will be doing for Saturday Practice. You are of course welcome to try and set these up at any other time through out the week.

Also, once we have moving/communicating down. We will shift Focus to strategy based play for each map and mode.



The recipe for Manhunt requires just yourself and at least seven of your clan mates.

One feature of the match creating system is that it will keep the teams from becoming too unbalanced, if you select a 4v4 game, only 4 players allowed on each team. If you select 8v8 or 16v16 same rule applies. No matter how many friends you are bringing along, select 16v16 for the match size.

Map size is also vital here. Select either Frostfire or Desert Glory for the best results, though the regular variation of Crossroads is also suitable. You want a map with a lot of corners and bends, rather than hiding places.

Set the respawn to ten, kill count to ten, round count to two, and the time limit to five minutes. Disable explosive weapons and sniper rifles. The use of suppressors is optional, but encouraged for the out numbered side.


Pick a hunter. He’ll be on a team alone, against up to seven of his colleges. The other team will be the Hunted.

The goal for the Hunter is to kill each member of the other team at least once. The Hunted must attempt to survive until the end of the round. There are strict no camping rules, so each player has to stay on the move, unless pinned down during combat.

After a member of the Hunted is killed, he must stay in his spawn position and go prone. He is considered dead until the end of the round. If the Hunter comes across the hunted spawn, the dead hunted can fire on him, but may not chase him anywhere.

If the hunted can kill the hunter ten times, they win the round. If the hunter can take out each member of the hunted once, he wins the round.

The point is to create a fast-paced game that’s a little off the beaten path. The hunter has the advantage of stealth and speed, as he can perform quick hit and run maneuvers. The hunted, on the other hand, have the advantage of numbers and teamwork. Careful hunters can completely demolish a team of skilled hunted with very little risk.



Summer Blockbuster is playable on any map, and with even teams of any size. Regular-sized maps are preferable, as the smaller size allows for a more intimate style of game play. Playing with Hostage or Extraction rules is the best idea, Though Elimination or Suppression can give similar, though slightly different, experience. Keep the respawn count low, no matter what. Four rounds of five minutes apiece will give you plenty of time to play a solid game.

Disable all the weapons, save for smoke grenades, stun grenades, and pistols. You may wish to disable the Model 18, as well, so that the match isn’t too unbalanced by its automatic fire. Since you can’t completely disable primary weapons, only leave sniper rifles enabled. They are by far the most unwieldy weapons to use in close quarters. Just make it clear that they are not to be used.


Both teams come in to gunfight on equal terms. They have only pistols, with a variety of grenades at their beck and call.

Actually game play quickly turns into something out of a big-time summer blockbuster. Two teams full of only handgun-wielding guys going after each other with wild abandon.

Adding hostage rescue into the mix forces the players to raise their game into something more than a simple death match, Rescuing hostages requires you to visit the headquarters of the enemy, like something out of the final act of an action movie.

This mode is best played with more then 8 players. The sheer amount of people to be found keeps the action fast-paced and non stop. The addition of grenades serves to keep things interesting. Who doesn’t love the scenes where the hero comes running out of the smoke, guns blazing?



This game mode should be played under Elimination rules with at least four players on each team, the smaller the map, the better, so go with Desert Glory. It also has an appropriately western-them, and plenty of places to stalk your enemy. Make sure that it’s a night time map.

Disable assault rifles, sniper rifles, machineguns, shotguns, and explosives. Only submachine guns and pistols should be available. The round count and kill count are entirely up to you, though the shorter is generally better.


“Gun vs. Sword” is something that you see fairly often in cinema and video games. Who will win the gun-toting crack shot or the master swordsman? Now, you get to put that to the test.

The Mercs should be swords. The Mercs are allowed use of night vision, while the Commandoes are not. The Mercs should hunt down Commandoes and attempt to knife them from behind. This is an instant kill, and proves the superiority of swords over guns. The commandos, on the other hand must attempt to slaughter all of the swords with carefully applied automatic weapons fire.

What should follow, all things being equal, is a match where Mercs spend their time stalking the commandos, on the other hand, are going to be hyper alert and keeping an eye out for sneaky Mercs.

When properly played, you can have an extremely tense game of SOCOM: Confrontation



You can setup this game as normal, on any map you like. The game mode, round count, time limit, and kill count, are irrelevant. Zero or limited re-spawning is a good idea, however.


Once the round begins, the Mercs get between 1:30 and 2:00 to take up positions around the map they will want to choose the most advantageous spots or routes to lurk around.

After that, the other team gets to rush in and try to take out the enemy. They will have to fight against both a team that has had two full minutes to prepare for their coming and the fact that the enemy has a better field position than they do. Skilled players can force the team with the advantage out into the open and away from their planned comfort zones, thus turning the tables.

After the round ends, the two sides switch and the Commandos get a turn at having a handicap.



Use the regular version of Crossroads so that you can take advantage of the market square as your battleground. Try to have upwards of five players per time for maximum fun.

Set the round time to eight minutes or less, and no more than two rounds. Disable all explosives, grenades, automatic shotguns, and sniper rifles.

Use Elimination rules, so that there is no respawning.


In order to play Spiral, your team is going to have to be coordinated. The first forty five seconds of the round should be dedicated to setting up before the match properly begins. Each member of your team should proceed to the market square. The commandoes should line up by the café alley, while the Mercs line up in the alley nearest the fish market.

Once a minute has passed, it’s safe to assume that everyone has properly setup. At that point, the first player from each team should rush into the square. The goal is to take out the opposing player before fifteen seconds has passed.

Once those fifteen seconds have passed, the next set of players should enter the area. They have the same goal as before, which is to kill everyone from the other side.

The next set only has to wait ten seconds apiece, and every set after that one has to wait five seconds apiece. Depending on the skill or number of players, you may wish to lower the seconds between soldiers coming into the square.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:42 pm

Lol these sound like they would be really good for training rather than the usual: Run Gun Camp. I'm having issues w/my network so hopefully that gets taken care of soon, if i'm not online that's why.
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PostSubject: Re: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:30 pm

damn i just came across this post. next time we got a lot of people on we should do this. it looks fun as hell
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PostSubject: Re: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:32 pm

i think man hunt sounds insane... good prep for games when your the last man alive
-edit- also ambush
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PostSubject: Re: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:32 pm

I miss the old practices were used to actually do these game moods. Remember that sniper guy? "You recruited me as a sniper I can't go in pistols only, screw you guys...blah blah blah" KG just went off on that dude. We should do a gamemode practice again, and once again work on mic chatter.
I am also having net issues right now, but it is on my ISP side. It always seems like Charter has everything working and then I have a week straight of net drops. When my net drops that means my phone drops, I can't watch on demand shows. Total loss of my cable bandwidth. I'm getting so pissed at Charter Communications Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Fun games modes/Practice modes.   

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Fun games modes/Practice modes.
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